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Aloe Vera - Indoor Plants

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Bring a Touch of the Outdoors in With These Easy-To-Care-for Indoor Plants

Aloes are good indoor plants if you’re busy and have a bright spot in your home. These houseplants have a bold texture that works particularly well with modern and contemporary decorating schemes, but they also fit in well if your tastes run more Mediterranean, eclectic, or exotic.

While aloes are traditionally thought of for their foliage when grown as indoor plants, they can bloom with tall stems of brightly colored flowers if they get enough light.

Aloe vera is the most common type of aloe, but there are plenty of other varieties available. Many have variegated foliage, which adds to their visual appeal.


Indoors: High light
Outside: Sun


Green, Variegated


Low water needs

Special Features

Super-easy to grow



*please note that your plant will be in a black, plastic nursery pot.*