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Adorn your queen with 24 sparkling roses nestled in our lavish wrap bouquet, topped with a regal crown fit for her majesty.

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Why choose us?

Flowers help transform moments into memories. Our commitment to providing fresh, vibrant floral arrangements is founded on our deep appreciation for the artistry and personal touch that goes into each bouquet. We blend tradition with creativity so that every piece we craft is as unique as the occasions and individuals it celebrates.

Dragonetti Florist is proud to be your Brooklyn florist of choice, drawing inspiration from its rich tapestry of cultures and neighborhoods. If you live in Brooklyn, you can stop looking up ‘flowers near me’, and get in touch with Dragonetti Florist today.

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Same-Day Brooklyn Flower Delivery

Some of the best moments are spontaneous. That’s why we offer same-day flower delivery in Brooklyn. Ensure that your thoughtful gestures and heartfelt messages are received exactly when they matter most.

Elevate your expressions of love, gratitude, or sympathy with our convenient, beautiful, and prompt same day flower delivery, crafted into bouquets by your Brooklyn florists at Dragonetti. Brooklyn flower delivery has never been easier.

You can buy flowers online, or, if you're in the neighborhood, you can pick up your flowers in person at 1875 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Questions? Give us a call at (718) 241-3172.

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Choosing your bouquet

Selecting the perfect bouquet is an art that combines personal taste with the language of flowers. When choosing a bouquet, consider the occasion, the message you wish to convey, and the preferences of the person receiving it. Roses, with their timeless grace, suggest romance. The vibrant hues of peonies could be harnessed to celebrate joy and companionship, or the delicate whispers of orchids to offer solace and remembrance. Every selection can add to the narrative of your bouquet.

If you find yourself uncertain or overwhelmed by the possibilities, we’re here to guide you. Trust us to bring your vision to life at Dragonetti Florist, your Brooklyn flower shop.